Erica Smith


Erica began her venture into the veterinary world here at SVH in March of 2015. She is one of our bright, enthusiastic and eager Client Care Representatives who you will find at the front desk, on the busy phones, as well as assisting one of our technicians or doctors. Erica is also our ‘Nutritional Advocate’ specialist which entails a vast knowledge of pet nutrition. Having a profound love for animals and a vast array of experiences in the administrative field, including a Medical Administration diploma from Mohawk College in 2010, she has welcomed a change of pace in a field she has admired and longed to be a part of.

Erica enjoys keeping an active lifestyle and is an avid CrossFitter, She also enjoys beach volleyball and soccer, of which she participates regularly in both co-ed and women’s leagues. During her downtime, Erica enjoys reading and she loves to travel around the globe!

“I truly couldn’t be any happier, everyone and everything about this job and the team I’m surrounded with has made the transition that much easier and allowed me to look forward to coming into work each and every day”