Aug 01 2013

Kallis Octavian // 2000 – 2013

Oh how you loved and were loved. Our little “belly bumble boy” captured the attention and smiles of whomever you met – on the beach, in the park and at your homes. Thank you for all the unconditional love – companionship and cuddles too. You were your sister’s most popular model having unlimited patience posing for her. And how you loved Oma and Dodo – you were your Dodo’s shadow. Thank you for brightening up our lives – we will be forever changed by the impact of your sweet loving nature. Our loving family member Octavian – in our hearts forever. We miss you more than you can imagine.

Oma, Dodo, Valia, Matteus, Karl, Lianna and cousin Sponge, mini-Daschund.

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