Feb 01 2017

Rocky Boadway

Rocky Boadway 







Rocky was a great companion for me, and got me through some rough patches and was an extremely low-maintenance dog.

He was a “foodie”….never missed a meal, and of course would pop into the kitchen anytime I was cooking.

He was known in the neighbourhood for bringing back large sticks from the ravine, after walks on the Don Valley golf course ( I had enough sticks to make 3 or 4 tee pees).

He loved the water & swimming, and anytime he would get a sniff there was water nearby, he would pull me in that direction. He was extremely loyal and smart…loved car rides….could get up early or sleep-in….was very active, but could also be content to “chill”.

And of course, he had the signature white/right paw and a distinguishing grey beard later in life.

What a fantastic dog and a great life he most certainly had.

Thanks again !


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