Jul 19 2017

Allergy Relief For Dogs!

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Allergy Season Is Around The Corner…

Ask one of our veterinarians about CYTOPOINT™

(For dogs with atopic dermatitis) 

offers 4 to 8 weeks of relief with a single in-office injection, 

helping to improve the quality of life for dogs and their families

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CYTOPOINT is different from traditional drugs that treat itch. It is a biological therapy—a type of non-pharmaceutical treatment that works like your dog’s immune system. CYTOPOINT contains engineered antibodies very similar to natural dog antibodies. Antibodies are what an animal’s immune system uses to defend the body against infection or disease.

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In a clinical study, dogs receiving CYTOPOINT injections had no more side effects than dogs who received placebo injections (injections with no treatment at all). CYTOPOINT is safe to use in dogs of any age, and can be used with many other commonly used medications and in dogs with other diseases.

Because CYTOPOINT is a biological therapy and not a drug, it is naturally broken down and recycled by the body. It is not eliminated from the body via the liver or kidneys like most pharmaceutical drug products. This is one of the reasons CYTOPOINT can be a safe choice for your dog.


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An innovative new therapy that targets itch at its source to help relieve the signs of atopic dermatitis in dogs for a month or longer with a single injection.


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