Oct 17 2018

Goldie Ballesteros

Thank you dear Goldie for your unconditional love and friendship. You have given us so much joy through all these years, and since the passing of time can be swift, we can only wish that you can grow old with us. Thank you for teaching us to be sensitive to your needs. Thanks to you and Mooney for keeping me company when Mommy had to go ahead and reserve a place for us in Heaven. I am happy to know that you have now crossed Heaven’s gate and run in the arms of Mommy and to play around with Chip as well. Mooney has been looking and waiting for you and wondered where you’ve gone. So long for now, Goldie, until the day we’re all reunited once more for all eternity.

smithvt | Pet Memorials

2 thoughts on “Goldie Ballesteros”

  1. Judi Norton says:

    Marc, I am so sorry for your loss of Goldie. My heart goes out to you and Mooney.
    Judi and Greg

    1. Marc says:

      Thank you.

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