Mar 07 2022

Payton Poposki

My sweet loving cuddly Payton – you are loved and missed by your family and friends. With all my heart, I Love & miss you!
With all my heart, I miss you running down the stairs or running through the hallways to greet me (us) or the girls when coming through the door no matter what door!
With all my heart, I miss you sleeping/chilling in your little bed while I worked out in the fam room! Every so often you would get up, look at me or walk to me & I would just say – go back to bed baby there’s nothing/nobody I’m still working out…she would…I miss her in her little bed!
With all my heart, I miss your cuddles in the morning, mid morning, afternoon, evening and night – you were the grandest mistress of cuddles!
With all my heart, I miss Payton’s amazing vocal abilities – talking/crying/begging while driving with her – she always thought I was taking her to the groomer or the vet so she would cry like no other can with various tones!!
With all my heart, I miss Payton licking her pretty little lips to no end while I prepped her breakfast, snack or dinner – she loved her food and snacks, foodie for sure & always a healthy picky eater…good girl! (well, fries weren’t healthy but that’s ok she loved them)
With all my heart, I miss taking that extra time before going to bed signaling her – c’mon baby lets go pee and then we’re gonna get rice krispies…c’mon zcup lets go get rice krispies but first you have to go pee….she would jump of the sofa, stretch, have some water and then do her biz (pee) and follow me up the side stairs with all her spunky strength – on a mission for that rice krispy!
With all my heart, I miss giving Payton her before bed snack as she followed me excited to my room into my bathroom where I kept her stash of rice krispies…I open the bottom middle vanity door and there she is with her sweet little face/head totally in waiting anxiously for the one tiny rice krispy…yumm yumm and off she goes back into the bedroom, play a bit with her favorite baby cow and then pranced off into her little bed!
With all my heart, I miss seeing her in her little bed beside my bed!
With all my heart, I miss Payton eagerly with her front paws on my side asking to be picked up into bed once the TV shut off and went dark…she had a routine – lights out to her meant she came into bed with us (she wasn’t wrong my little sweetie) where she felt close and safe!
With all my heart, I miss Payton jumping on me in the morning & smacking me on the head/face several times until I got out of bed to cater to her lol…my sweetie! (worked all the time)
With all my heart, I love and miss our beloved baby cakes Payton!

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