Our Mission

Comfort, Care, Compassion

Our mission is to provide the best possible care for your pets in a friendly and caring setting. We offer a range of diagnostic, medical, dental and surgical services designed to provide the best health care we can for your pet throughout all stages of your pet’s life. We also offer cat boarding and on site grooming services for the convenience of our clients.

We see health care for your pet as a partnership. For our part we will stress the importance of disease prevention and early diagnosis. We would like to see your pet on a regular basis and when we feel it is best for your pet, we will recommend routine diagnostic tests both to establish baseline levels of good health and to detect problems at the earliest possible stage. We will discuss and make recommendations regarding your pet’s diet and exercise, two basic building blocks of your pet’s health and happiness.

Our Vision

Our Vision statement expands on our Mission Statement which is our purpose put as succinctly as possible. Our mission is a commitment to you and your pet. Nothing makes our day quite like receiving this kind of feedback from our clients. These notes from our clients will help you to square up how we perform compared to our vision.