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Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Smith Veterinary Hospital in Thornhill!

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Meet Our SVH Team

    Veterinarian and Owner

  • Dr Dana and Bea our dog patient

    Dr. Dana Cox

    Dr. Dana Cox began her fulfilling career in Veterinary Medicine in 1998 after graduating…

    Practice Manager

  • Erin Richardson

    Erin is Smith Veterinary Hospital’s practice manager and loves her wonderful and…

    Veterinary Technician

  • Amanda our vet technician and Wendy our dog patient

    Amanda Berry

    Amanda Berry entered into the SVH family back in Nov of 2011. Working alongside Dr. Cox as…
  • Danielle Brown

    Danielle joined the SVH family in November of 2018. Always having known…
  • Felicia De Marchi

  • Sharisse Esguerra

    Sharisse is currently a vet tech student and loves the things that she has been learning…

    Kennel Attendant

  • Anna Neuschild

    Anna has been a kennel attendant with SVH for over 6yrs.…
  • Christina Ribeiro

    Christina is a great admirer of animals. Cats hold a special place her heart because of a…
  • Eden Belillti

    Eden has known she wanted to work with animals since she was young. She is very passionate…