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    Kane Mondrow 1998-2012

    Aug 29 2013

    You were our best friend, loyal companion, always happy to be with us. Everywhere we took you people would come over to see and pat you. You had that type…

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    Lucky Rudd // 1999 – 2013

    Aug 07 2013

    It is with heavy hearts and great sadness that Andrew and Dawn Rudd, light this candle in memory of our beautiful cocker spaniel Lucky. Our sweetheart Lucky has given us…

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    Kallis Octavian // 2000 – 2013

    Aug 01 2013

    Oh how you loved and were loved. Our little “belly bumble boy” captured the attention and smiles of whomever you met – on the beach, in the park and at…

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    Hans Plaza September 13, 1996 – January 27, 2009

    Jul 29 2013

    You gave us a lot of happy memories and love the whole 12 years and four months of your life, and we will never, ever forget you wherever you are…because…

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    Peanut 1998-2007

    Jun 29 2013

    For Peanut: The best friend, best comfort, best puppy to have ever graced the Sachs family home. We miss you daily, hourly, every minute and second of each day. We…