Bella Kavanagh

I could not POSSIBLY be more pleased than I was following my first visit with Bella to Smith Veterinary Hospital!!! I have been a dog owner for more than 20 years and coming here was like a breath of fresh air. The receptionists were exceptionally warm, welcoming, professional, friendly and cheerful. The veterinary assistant in the examination room was engaging, friendly, thorough, and engaging. After being so completely impressed by the first three people I encountered I wondered how the veterinarian could possibly top this. But he DID! Dr. Sean Herzog was absolutely fantastic. Disarmingly friendly (there’s that word again:) ), Rigorously professional, patient, concerned and thorough. My overall impression was that everyone at the hospital genuinely enjoyed their jobs and obviously loved dogs (and humans too, for that matter). I just felt that we were all on the same side of the table instead of being on the other side of the table trying to sell me services and products. I would, no I WILL recommend Smith Veterinary Hospital to EVERY pet owner I know now or will meet in the future. Thank you.

~ G. Kavanagh